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Short Stories

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I languish here for all eternity, in my jail, my fetid prison. For twenty years I lay in squalor and watch this war unfold before me. How will it end? Will I live to see the day I walk unshackled and feel the green grass beneath my feet? I alone remind my captor of his tortured heart. My flesh feels the sting of his whip as I watch him sink into oblivion as each year passes. Would his neck be within my reach I would surely end his torment with these chains that bind me so. All I may do is watch the shadows fill Jeshion Hall as another day slips away.

A short story written primarily in first person.

This is a collection of short stories with

wide-ranging flavors.

   Travel through time from fantasy realms to a gumshoe of the 1930's to the fighting in World War II. Walk with kings and prisoners, vampires from the old world lands and grandsons as each tale takes you down a different road...different tales walks you through time and times.

   I have recently added several new short stories to this collection and kept the price the same.

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