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The Crystal Point Trilogy

The Crystal Point trilogy takes you into a magical world where once, only dreams lived.

A land held in perpetual summer, the Dream Valley is as lush and beautiful as when the world was born. The air is as sweet as nectar and the water so clear it mirrors the clouds from the sky itself. Nothing ever dies there except for the very old. Never has there been a care until an unexpected invasion from a land long thought dead envelops the Chrystum and two life-long friends are thrown into the ravages of war.
Creatures they once fought only in their dreams of glory and grandeur have come to life to rape and pillage their peaceful world. Their only hope now resides in a stranger from outside their realm and the aging wisdom of one of their own as an epic journey of magic and war now consumes them to the very end.

White Staff

Locked away in an ancient dungeon in a solitary fortress, the last remaining person that holds a memory of the once powerful kingdom of Euwold breathes slowly in his fetid prison. The magic that holds him prisoner is powerful but it can not control his mind. For three centuries he has searched without success for someone, anyone who can accept his thoughts and free him from his forced exile. One lone night in the dead of winter with the Sorol Mountains blanketed beneath a new snow, the aging wizard's thoughts stumble across one such person. Within a storm's throw from the coast of the Ice Sea, Hafram unleashes his last, desperate hope, an intricate spell that weaves his life force with that of his new-found champion. With his magics fading from age and abandonment, he knows this is his last chance of freeing the continent from the oppressive weight and destruction of the empire from Darthune. The struggle begins again with the quest for the white staff and for the ultimate fate of the continent and of its kingdoms for the next five-thousand years.

The Last Elf Prophesy Series
book 1

Life is hard in the Pit-lands, a desert world filled with sand and sickly scrub and little else. Living is no more than just surviving. As the summer sun sets on his work in the sparse fields he farms, Caide stumbles upon a relic from a time so long ago, the world he lives in has no name for it, and yet in that moment, his life is about to collide with that nameless past.

On the land where his family has struggled to survive, those ties are suddenly and brutally severed. With no future left to hold on to, Caide seeks revenge the only way he knows how; he vows to track down his father's killer and leave his home forever as he seeks a new life away from the pain as some part of him seeks to understand.

The Last Elf Prophesy Series
book 2

A journey of magic and discovery continues in book two as the mysteries of an ancient world, and a heritage long lost to antiquity, begin to unfold. A demon vanquished in the Dwarven lands of the Shornhen by a mysterious arc is only the beginning as an old wizard and a young lad from the parched desert of the Pit-lands try to begin to unravel the lost magics and the hidden powers that have brought them to this point. The battle with the demon Amrok has torn a rift in the magics of the Dwarven lands and they must now seek a way to heal the Sessile Ri, the golden tree at the center of their world. To fail means losing its powers forever, and possibly the last hope for the wizard to revive a world walked by elves.

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