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Star Eagle Six

Star Eagle Six is the first book in the sci-fi Home World Series.

Imagine yourself in a stricken fighter lost in outer space. You have no idea where you are or how you got here. Your battered fighter is the only thing keeping you alive and most of it isn't working. Alarms are blaring and emergency lights are flashing across your cockpit. Is this your lifeboat or your coffin?

The light from a nearby star rolls into view as your fighter turns in the starlit this the last thing you'll ever see? You toggle the switch on the right side of the console..

."Star Eagle anyone out there?"


Ghost Fleet

Ghost Fleet is the second book in the sci-fi Home World Series

The war with the Lorilon drags on and the prospects for victory are diminishing. Stuart Joseph, Captain of the Home World Third Fleet and the starship Parras must find a way to stave off invasion. He knows they are losing this war and with rumblings of capitulation in Fleet Main Headquarters he makes a desperate attempt to turn the tide.

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Battle Wagon

The third book of the Home World sci-fi series

Battle Wagon continues where Ghost Fleet left off. The starship Parras leads the remnants of the Third Fleet back to Fleet Main headquarters and the Home World of New Caledonia after a major conflict with the Lorilon. The war continues but the tide may be turning against the Home World Alliance. With the discovery of a planet killing weapon, some in power are calling for capitulation. Their only hope may be a secret buried so deep in Fleet Main that no one may even remember its existence, if it ever existed at all.

The Bear

An action and adventure novel

When a Russian bomber collides with an American fighter over the coast of Alaska, memories of anxiety and fear are resurrected and the new world order is threatened. In a plot fueled by blackmail, money and treachery the old guard threatens a new cold war and Edwin Kiger, the President of the United States is forced to contemplate a decision not faced in a generation. Tensions have reached a breaking point.


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