Short Stories

Tales in Time

This is a collection of short stories that I have penned over time. Some have been previously published in other works or anthologies. A couple have not otherwise seen the light of day.

I have put them all together into one book that is available at most major ebook retailers. I do not plan on this being a static collection. As I write other short stories I intend to update this book with them.

I hope you  enjoy this collection.

     I languish here for all eternity, in my jail, my fetid prison. For twenty years I lay in squalor and watch this war unfold before me. How will it end? Will I live to see the day I walk unshackled and feel the green grass beneath my feet? I alone remind my captor of his tortured heart. My flesh feels the sting of his whip as I watch him sink into oblivion as each year passes. Would his neck be within my reach I would surely end his torment with these chains that bind me so. All I may do is watch the shadows fill Jeshion Hall as another day slips away.

            A short story written primarily in first person.


The Kiss

An Anthology

Thank  you for taking the time to peruse my website.

I have just added this anthology, a collection of thirty-one short stories from myself, and thirty other great writers.

This collection centers around a central theme: a kiss. But don't be misled. That 'kiss' can be nearly anything a reader or author imagines, not just a romantic kiss at the end of a story. There is much more to tell.

Look for mine, A Kiss Through Time.

This collection is free through and other leading ebook outlets.

I hope you enjoy all the stories and include a review if you like what you read.

End of the Road

An Anthology

This work, End of the Road is an anthology of themed short stories by some of the best authors you will find today. It is a diverse group who write across multiple genres.

That cross-genre feel lends itself to a superb book. Each of these stories is dramatic in its own way and the characters within all must stare down that road, the end of the road.

I count myself lucky to be included among them as a contributing editor.

My story, A Touch of Cold is a first-person short. I hope you enjoy not only mine but all the stories within.

It's for a great cause to help a wonderful author.

The Bitten

An Anthology

This is a special collection of stories. They all conform to a central theme, namely works about vampires and werewolves. But, that's not why it's special.

My friend and fellow author Brandon Hale (whose name the work is publish under), was recently diagnosed with cancer. All the stories in this book are written by his fellow authors and donated in his honor. We have banded together to help him through his battle. All proceeds from this book will go directly to him.

So, if you are one that loves to go to the horror genre or have a fetish about these stories, you will find a wealth of twists and turns with all kinds of stories about vamps and werewolves.

Take a look for my story; Old World Vintage. Although this is not my usual genre, I think you will be pleased. The book can be purchased through