A land held in perpetual summer, the Dream Valley is as lush and beautiful as when the world was born. The air is as sweet as nectar and the water so clear it mirrors the clouds from the sky itself. Nothing ever dies there except for the very old. Never has there been a care until an unexpected invasion from a land long thought dead envelops the Chrystum and two life-long friends are thrown into the ravages of war.
   Creatures they once fought only in their dreams of glory and grandeur have come to life to rape and pillage their peaceful world. Their only hope now resides in a stranger from outside their realm and the aging wisdom of one of their own as an epic journey of magic and war now consumes them to the very end.

The Crystal Point Legacy

An Epic Fantasy Trilogy

5 of 5 stars
Read from September 07 to 19, 2012

Fast paced, the adventure to find a protective crystal in the dream valley and begin the trek to the north country, the searcher and his three small companions takes a turn towards the worst as they confront evil on their path. Hurt badly, the searcher needs help but the quest must continue.

A page-turner, this book is only part one of a three-story set, albeit I am not sure if the other books have, as yet, been written. I will be sure to find out. Highly recommended!

Apr 02, 13
5 of 5 stars
Read from March 06 to 12, 2013 — I own a copy

I really enjoyed the book. I had to read all three books before I could stop to write a review.

The series is a classic quest story reminiscent of the Hobbit. It kept me intrigued and wanting to know what was going to happen next. The trilogy has to be read

The eye sees not what wind and feather spy
What wind and fortune dare to speak
The summit spires twin thy mantle watch
Upon the alter man's sire seeks.

Crimson hues with watchful eye
Lights crystal prism cut for thee
Barrier force drives shades of wanton lust
Heaven's fire glistens for all to see.

A place of dream where paths do cease
Of life nor death nor winter's touch alone
Summer's sun on chambers endless green
On fields singing only summer's tone.

Palisades of time their visions dim
Of Searcher's quest an ageless father's line
For kings of ice and rock must falter
A blaze of fire does for thee shine..