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In the past year I have released two new works that are not of the fantasy realm. The Bear is a modern day cold war era style novel that coincides with the current world events. The second is

Star Eagle Six, my first science fiction novel.
   I continue to work and evolve my fantasy series of The Last Elf Prophecy. The third book in the series is tentatively titled Awakening of Lillestrom.  

I welcome all to my world of writing and authorship.   I am foremost a  husband, a father and grandfather, and in my everyday walkabout life and through my writings I strive to make the world a little better place each day.
   I have been writing for many years and have published several fantasy works through Amazon and Smashwords which distributes them to the other major ebook retailers. I have tried to give each tale a feeling of place and circumstances that, although fiction, all readers find they can relate to and picture themselves within the story.



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