The universe is an expanse so large and diverse that my mind simply can not comprehend its dimensions. Each species that tests the waters within our galactic backyard must confront themselves as well as any who may be out there. My nine systems collectively known as the Home Worlds have formed a confederation for the well-being of our galactic neighborhood. Peace has reined among us for over three hundred years.

Scientific exploration is the common thread that has lead to peace and unity until an unarmed survey ship stumbled across a planet at the furthest reaches of our expanse. They believed it to be uninhabited, yet their intrusion elicited a deadly response and an immediate reaction from our military. That first interaction with an unknown race, the Lorilon, has resulted in a ten year war; a war we are losing, and the stakes just got higher.

When a Russian bomber collides with an American fighter over the coast of Alaska, memories of anxiety and fear are resurrected and the new world order is threatened. In a plot fueled by blackmail, money and treachery, the old guard threatens a new cold war and Edwin Kiger, the President of the United States is forced to contemplate a decision not faced in a generation. Tensions have reached a breaking point. Is…this…war?

The vastness that surrounds me is beyond my measure. I stare into the void safely tucked away within my cocoon, that which shelters me from the cold expanse of the universe. It is my only salvation. I stare blankly at the panel before me strung with instruments that are nothing but a memory. They call out their song but I do not recognize their words.

The warmth of the yellow star that illuminates my cockpit falls away leaving me in cold shadow. I am a stranger to this space. My memory fails. I have no recollection of the events that have brought me to this point, this time. My future is a canvas as blank as my past. What is to happen to me? Where am I to go? Should this ship be my coffin or my salvation? I remember, I am at war ... Star Eagle Six, is anyone out there?

The Cold War is still alive!

Ghost Fleet

Book two of the Home World Series

    What should you expect? You as a reader should expect adventure, emotion and an extremely well written story. Throw a little fun in the mix and top it all off with characters that grab you by the hand and lead you through their world to the end.

    Although many of my works are epic fantasy fiction, I have begun to work in other related genres. My first sci-fi novel, Star Eagle Six was released last year as well as The Bear, a thriller that harkens back to the Cold War era.


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Star Eagle Six
Book one of the Home World Series

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